Sunday Brunch

Living at a busy city and keeping a similar schedule means that having time to meet and hang out with close friends is very hard to find. I recognise this is not the case for everybody, but this is the way I’m feeling most of the times – unfortunately. My only saving grace is for me to meet my close friends for a coffee (and occasionally a pastry…) at a friendly place in central London, called Flocafé. Flocafé is a Greek branch of coffee spots all around Greece, and since opening, it already has two in the capital. The first one is close to Bond Street Station and is quite small, as it fits the idea of “grabbing a coffee to go”, while the second one is at Shaftesbury Avenue, much bigger and far more convenient for us.

We’ve been at the second Flocafé many times already and we like how relaxed and cosy it feels. With tables and chairs spread around the space, a small bookcase filled with various books and probably the best coffee found in London! I am not saying that because I’m Greek and I feel obligated to support a Greek initiative, but that’s a fact! You can try it and make an informed opinion. Another plus is that this Flocafé is not packed, so we enjoy having a cup of coffee and speaking at a normal level for a change. Finally, the other thing that never ceases to amaze me is that there are many non-Greeks visiting it, which for me it means that Londoners really like it!

Chocolate with hazelnut

So what are we choosing every time we go there? I will select a nice latte and my boyfriend a cappuccino (or a freddo cappuccino if it’s warm outside) and then it’s time to speak about any topic under the sun! From our jobs to coming holidays and inter-personal relations, in these discussions practically everything goes! The nice touch is that they always bring us water and even chilled water carafes, because all this talking can make one thirsty. This, in my opinion, is what makes Flocafé different than other cafes in London! The attention to detail – even bringing water to a table is so – I don’t know… Mediterranean?

Salads to go
Sandwiches and salads to go

Apart from well-roasted coffee, Flocafé has some tasty pastries – and in general brunch options. Last time we were there, we had eggs Benedict with bacon and an omelette with cheese (gruyere and edam) and I can tell you both were freshly made and utterly delicious! The eggs Benedict also had an in-house made hollandaise that I found to my liking, as it stroke the perfect balance between butter, eggs and lemon juice. It wasn’t too salty or too acidic; just plain perfect! The only thing that I found strange is the toast underneath the eggs, as it was supposed to be sourdough, but it didn’t taste like it? The bread tasted like normal bread and not sourdough, however that wasn’t a deal-breaker for me!

Eggs Benedict on toast

Save from eggs, Flocafé also serves some tasty pancakes, if I can say that from the smell (and the fact that plenty of customers ordered them while we were there!) Among their offerings, you can indulge in pancakes with forest fruit and pancakes with chocolate. I’d definitely try these next time we’ll be there for coffee (and why not make it into a brunch, no?), as they looked fluffy enough from afar! The menu also has salads and burgers , but we didn’t want that heavy a brunch, so we tried some lighter options. Plus you can’t really go wrong with eggs, right? The only thing that was missing was maybe a waffle with chocolate or some nutella crepes? That would be amazing!

Omelette with cheese

If you are not ready to “stay in and enjoy your coffee” type of person, you can always order takeaway. The shop offers sandwiches and salads which are kept inside a fridge, as well as soft drinks, water and juice to go. All in all, they have quite a nice selection of takeaway products, which looked fresh and appealing as well. So next time you are visiting central London and are in need of some food and refreshments, why not visit Flocafé, instead of one of the chains? I’m not saying that the food from Costa, Nero or Starbucks compared to Flocafé is bad, all I’m saying is give it a go and decide for yourself! And if you don’t like it, that’s absolutely fine!

A visit to Flocafé Espresso Room is highly worth it in my opinion, as the coffee first and ambience, food and service secondly are some of the best in London! Coffee is not bitter at all and the nibbles and snacks are delish. Enjoying a coffee for hours is really a Greek pastime and you can experience that without having to queue at an airport. You can meet friends there (like we do most Sundays), have a quick bite to eat or grab your  book or laptop and do what you like! Flocafé is not terribly noisy, so that you need to yell and you can enjoy a moment’s respite of the crazy life in London. Relaxed and comfortable, this is a coffee place that you will visit time and again, And it won’t even matter that it’s Greek!

Till next time,


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