Favourite TV Series Vol. 1

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you got to enjoy it, what with Easter egg hunts and chocolate eggs. For me, it is the definition of relaxation. I don’t have anything planned (well, not including a brunch with friends and a Greek party, somewhere in North London), so I decided to just veg out in my living-room. Wearing my comfiest clothes, while outside is raining cats and dogs, and watching my favourite TV series is what I consider relaxing. So, here is my Top 10 of TV series I just can’t live without! Whether I feel like a “pick me up” episode or revisit old favourites, this is my list.



You may say whatever, but I just live for these boys! Sam, Dean and Cas have been there for the past 13 years (I cannot believe that it’s been 13 years since I started watching them) and I can only wish that they will double that! Episode after episode, monster after monster, resurrection after resurrection, Supernatural is one of my favourite TV series, because even now the writers have managed to surprise us. Case in point? Missouri, Gabriel, Mary coming back in season 12, among others.



I know at the time it was broadcast most of the people used to watch Castle, but to be honest, I’ve never really liked it, even though the premise was similar. Brennan and Booth are one of the best crime-fighting couple and one of my #relationshipgoals. What I really like about that series is that they combine comedy and drama masterfully. Running for 12 seasons, and funnily enough it was only last week that signals a year that it’s off air, Bones is definitely something that’s missing from my TV ever since. So, no wonder that I’ll be re-watching it this long weekend.



If there is one series that is frustratingly on and off, it’s BBC’s Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the some of the best actors at the moment and I believe that in Sherlock they give their absolute best. Sometimes I want to do a Sherlock marathon, which is not so bad, as there are only 13 episodes. I can come back to it anytime, so let’s hope that series 5 will come soon (are you listening Steven and Mark?)! Until then, I am definitely, Sherlocked!

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Series 8

Don’t get me started on that British diamond! I think it’s one of the best series on earth! I love the regenerations, (almost) all Doctors and I hope that the new Time-Lady (? Is that even a term?) will do justice to the show that started in 1963. I am still hoping for a ginger though (do you hear that, BBC?) and for the executives to bring Torchwood, or at least Captain Jack Harkness, back! I don’t want to get into the debate of who is the best Doctor, but for me David Tennant and Peter Capaldi are my two favourites from the new series. Let’s see how Jodie Whittaker will do come September, right?

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

On this, I blame entirely my brother, my work colleagues and everyone that has been talking about it! I was honestly quite happy without it! I started watching it during the first season, (because of Sean Bean, duh!!), but after the catastrophic season finale, I just decided that it wasn’t worth the heartache! Instead I decided to not bother with it, up until 2 years ago. Back then, my brother made me sit down and watch the “Battle of the Bastards”. That was it! I re-discovered my love for medieval settings, and I have been watching Game of Thrones ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of fan that follows religiously whatever happens in the series (and if you ask me, the mythology will go over my head) and I’ve learned my lesson to not be emotionally invested, but I will still watch it over anything else. The reason? I just love the battles, strategies and intrigues within the series!

These are my favourites for now. Keep your eyes peeled for the final part next week!

Special thanks to Gage Skidmore for the the Boreanaz-Deschanel image from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con

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