All things Bond

Nestled in Covent Garden, there is a treasure waiting to be uncovered; the London Film Museum. It is running an exhibition called “Bond in Motion”, feturing vehicles appearing in the James Bond film franchise.
From Octopussy to Die Another Day and from Spectre to You Only Live Twice, this is an exhibition for true James Bond aficionados! For me certain details went over my head (for example the specs of each and every car used in Bond films), but they all reminded me of nights watching all these films with my dad back home. And I may love Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan’s style, but I found that each actor has their merit.

The attention to detail is amazing! Apart from the cars, there are other memorabilia, such as original outfits, storyboards, and even the clapperboard from Skyfall! So, if you haven’t visited yet, please do, you are going to love it!

Fun fact 1:  Did you know that the car park in Brent Cross (where I’m living) was the scene where Pierce Brosnan remote controls his car in Tomorrow Never Dies? I didn’t know that!

Fun fact 2: I was excited to learn that THE Roald Dahl did the screenplay for You Only Live Twice!

Main image courtesy of the London Film Museum (

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