Hello everyone!

I am a Greek, living in London, for a couple of years now. I came to love it as a student, back in 2010, but now that I’m working here, I’ve come to realise its uniqueness. This is a city that embraces culture in all forms.

Ever since I’ve known myself, I’ve loved music, art, the theatre. I actually studied music for about 10 years (and still you can find me playing my keyboards) and I enjoy almost all types of it. I thought I would start a blog, narrating all the music gigs, exhibitions and other cultural events I go to – the way I have experienced them myself – while living in this amazing city, and here we are now!

I want to thank all my friends and family, who have pushed me all these years to start it and who support me now at this incredible beginning! Especially my friend Kristina, who was the first one that found this idea worthwhile, and my family that have been nagging at me ever since! I feel that you will enjoy this journey!