What to do in London in the coming months

February may be halfway gone already, but your social calendar doesn’t need to be empty! In fact, I know I find it oh-so boring when I have nothing to do instead of going out and experiencing London and its offerings. I’ve heard of and read about a variety of events coming up and I am so excited to let you know all about them! From new exhibitions to concerts and from festivals to shows, London will be buzzing with activity in the coming months, just before summer, which I can’t wait for it to start. So strap in and let’s all get plenty of inspiration from all those events that I’m going to talk to you about!


Pancake Day
Orchids Festival Kew Gardens

In love with flowers? Then Kew Gardens host a festival that is right up your alley! The Orchid festival returns for a month at Kew (until the 8th March) and is promising to be very… colourful and culturally important. Getting to know the wonders of Indonesia as well as your favourite bloom has never been easier!

For those of you who love all things food, Pancake Day is just around the corner! On Tuesday 25 February, you can celebrate Pancake Day (and probably gain two stones!) wherever you prefer! I would suggest going to “My Old Dutch” near Holborn for incredibly tasty pancakes, or actually any other place serving them to get into the spirit! Enjoy!

I also have noted down two exhibitions for you – the first is at Tate Britain and the second at the V&A. You can immerse yourself in the powerful and ostentatious paintings of the British Baroque period. For the first time ever, Tate Britain will be hosting an exhibition like this, while many of the works displayed will be shown in public for the first time. So what are you waiting for?

The other exhibition opening up at the end of February is at the V&A, the “Kimono” exhibition. I have already booked my tickets to go, as I will be visiting it for work and I am really excited. I can tell you, a little bit of history, a little bit of art and a little bit of social studying will just make my day! I can’t wait!


St. Patrick’s Day

Overall, March is a fun month, what will all the drinking happening around St. Patrick’s Day, on the 17th March (as if anyone needed a reason to drink!) Music, lots of dancing around, eating and drinking (did I mention drinking?) make this festival celebration as exciting as ever! You can join in on the fun right at Trafalgar Square and even watch the London St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Have fun ladies and gents!

Foodies unite! The Eat & Drink Festival spring edition will be coming in London Olympia from the 27th March. Watch and get inspired with the new trends in gadgets (last year we saw some interesting peelers…) and favourite new recipes and techniques. Get your smoozing on with the masters, eat a lot and shop for fresh ingredients from artisan producers (the cheese we bought last year was to die for!) What’s not to like?

Titian “Vanitas”

For the culturally-inclined of you, I have a serious question. Have you ever visited an  exhibition dedicated to Titian? If so, please let me know where and how you found it! If not, then the exhibition at the National Gallery will be your cup of tea. You can explore some of the best works of art – Titian’s creations based on Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” – discover his pure genius and all that from 16th March. A major collaboration between Boston, London and Madrid, this exhibition will be an eye-opener!


Cherry blossoms in Easter time

Happy Easter everyone! Cherry blossoms, chocolate, two bank holidays, what’s not to like? This year I can’t wait for Easter for another reason as well, and that is I’m going for a short trip! I will not reveal much now as I don’t want to spoil it, however I will only say that we will be travelling to another European country and will be spending the Easter long weekend there! Yay!

You still have time for some musicals that have hit the capital recently. The first is & Juliet at the Shaftesbury Theatre. You know the story; it’s the life of Juliet after Shakespeare’s play ends. New beginnings, a cracking Juliet and some amazing pop music (I cannot wait to hear Baby One More Time and Larger Than Life performed on stage…) are the ingredients of this musical that will be on until the end of May, so you still have some time left!

Stage performers

The second musical is one of my favourite rom-coms, Pretty Woman. I used to love the chemistry of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, so I am very happy that I can watch it live! The music is written by Bryan Adams, which is another reason I can’t wait to see it. So for all of you enjoying the ups and downs of a true love story turned into a musical, Pretty Woman: The Musical is just for you!

And with that, my suggestions for the next few months are complete. Hit me in the comments if you have others to check out and let me know if you’d like to try them.

Till next time,


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