Year review 2019

For my last post for 2019, I thought I would get sentimental on you guys! It has been a magnificent year, with its ups and downs, its positives and negatives, but above all, I got to spend it with my loved ones. I don’t know how many people can say that, but I think I am included in the lucky ones. So, I am so thankful for everyone and everything that helped me try to experience London and give you all a taste of what London really is to me! For this one, I’ll tell you my best experiences this year and what I hope I can do in the year ahead.

BSB DNA World Tour
Bon Jovi This House Is Not For Sale Tour

I think if I could rank my experiences from this past year, I would have to start with the two concerts I’ve been to, two concerts that couldn’t have been more different. Of course I mean the BSB DNA one and the Bon Jovi This House Is Not For Sale tour, both within a week! And if the BSB DNA World Tour was a celebration of my youth (and when I say youth, I really mean primary school), the Bon Jovi concert was about my love for all things rock! It also reminded me of my year here as a Master’s student, when I joined one of the best concerts of my life, here at Hyde Park. Both of these concerts made me feel so happy and energised afterwards and even now I wish I could turn back time just so I could experience these concerts again!

Manolo Blahnik exhibition
Christian Dior exhibition

Second to the concerts I’ve attended this year are the exhibitions I’ve been to. Dior “The Designer of Dreams” and the Manolo Blahnik exhibition at the Wallace Collection, were – I think – experiences of a lifetime! To be able to see at first glance the pure genius of Christian Dior and Manolo Blahnik was an incredible experience, not only because of their retail value, but also because (and more importantly in my view) of their artistic significance! All the exhibits were true works of art and I cannot even tell you how mesmerising and captivating they were! The materials used, the florals and colours, even the gems were little parts of 20th century masterpieces and the whole experience was so overwhelming!


After the exhibitions I’ve visited this year, another thing that was not an experience per se, but rather something that amazed me was that this little blog, my small baby, was mentioned in “Bundy and the Green River killer” page in IMDb, in external reviews! When I first noticed it, I couldn’t really believe it, but here we are! I believe “Bundy” grew on me, since I first watched it (plus it has been great for my blog, haha!) If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so (even my nearest Morrison’s had a few copies some months ago) and then let me know how you found it. My review is here, so feel free to agree or disagree with me (actually it’s better to agree with me, you’ll actually save me time to update later, hahaha!)

What I hope for next year

Hollywood Vampires
Guns N’ Roses

Well, first of all, I hope everyone around me is as healthy and happy as possible! After that, and in matters concerning this blog specifically, I so hope I’ll be able to join a couple of concerts to start of. What I have in mind? For starters the Hollywood Vampires will be coming in London this year and I will be just happy if I can attend this! I have to confess that I absolutely love Johnny Depp and it would be a dream come true if I can watch him perform live! There’s also Guns N’ Roses performing again here in May, so I’m looking forward to that too! Hopefully I will be able to get a ticket and watch them live after 2017!


Another thing I’m looking forward to this year is branching out and trying some new restaurants in London. The first one is actually a suggestion of one of my readers, called Sutton and Sons in Stoke Newington – not very far from our flat – so it will be an excellent Saturday night dining option. Thank you Liz for mentioning it and I’ll try to visit sometime after the holidays! I would also like to explore my area more, as there are some restaurants here as well. We are not totally wild here after all! Pizza places, Iranian restaurants, and everything else that is on the menu, I’d like to visit and tell you all about it! I just hope that the restaurants nearby are as good as I imagine them to be.

Finally, there are a couple exhibitions that I’m planning to visit, but I will not say anything else now! I want to keep an element of surprise for you. What’s the point in me revealing all my cards for next year, huh? I’ll just leave you salivating (nope, I think that would have worked better in the previous paragraph!). Anyways, I think this is it for this year. With all the ups and downs, it’s been great and I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world!

I wish for all of you to have the merriest of Christmas and a happy New Year! Spend time with your family or friends, have fun with your loved ones and create memories that will last you a lifetime! This is all that matters in the end, right? Enjoy the holidays and I’ll talk to you soon!

Till next time,


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