Guest post: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Today, I thought I would do something different. Even though I am a huge book fan, I realised I haven’t reviewed a book, since I started writing on this blog. For me books are everything; I can read virtually everywhere and have done so since I was little. A new book is out called “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” and I have invited its author, Preston Howard, to talk to you about the book and his inspiration behind it. Preston Howard has retired from his rewarding profession as a labour lawyer, where he represented law enforcement officers not only in Texas but across the country. As a renowned expert, he spoke at meetings and conferences about topical labour law issues not only in the United States, but in other countries as well. He now lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he spends his time writing novels. So, without further ado, let’s move on to his words about the book!

Preston Howard

November 8, 2016 was the date that made me first think about our book, the day when Donald Trump was elected. After the topsy turvy Republican campaign and his election, I
knew that he was fodder for a book; I just didn’t realise how much of a target he would be for insult and comical relief. Then, I thought it might be a clever idea to juxtapose the possibility of assassinating the president or instead, three corrupt Austin TX police detectives who my alter ego, Preston Howard, saved from a capital murder charge ten years before.

The use of a red herring seemed to work well in the development of the plot. This story is my first stab into a noir crime thriller…a very different writing experience than my first autobiographical fiction novel, The Sheltering Palms!

I am, of course, a little nervous about my several references to the possible assassination of the president and a visit from the Secret Service; they might haul me down to their office for an interrogation. Will they water board me? Actually, the Secret Service showed up in my book, a comical scene. If the grey men form the Deep State do show up for a visit, maybe it would sell more books!

In this new book, I needed a counterpoint, someone who could play off the story and Preston Howard, and thus provide a different perspective of his many issues: retirement, divorce, obsession with murder, alcoholism, and a love interest. I spoke with my daughter Anne Howard, she bought into the idea, and became my co-author. Anne also becomes embroiled in Preston’s murder plot, along with two other people.

The issues of alcohol addiction, and the exciting criminal trial of the three police detectives required the assistance of people who specialised in alcoholism, criminal law, and police investigations (the latter two related to the trial of the three corrupt detectives).My good friends Susan Gay, lawyer Greg Zaney, and detective Anthony Nelson came through like champs, filling me in on information about which I was sadly deficient.

In my first novel—-The Sheltering Palms—–there was no female love interest because it didn’t fit the storyline. In the Justice Delayed book, it melded well with the plot. The lady’s name is George; and I actually met a woman called George at my local gym, just like in the book. I felt George would spice up the plot a bit, and she did for sure. As far as the prototype for her, I actually met her, just like in the book, at a gym. I used her physical features as the construct for her character, and then added a whole lot of pizazz to her personality, none of which applies to her…I think. Fortunately, the real George enjoyed the book and still speaks to me.

After finishing my second novel, I have truly gotten the bug to continue sitting on my laptop and cranking out more stories. What a pleasure to dream up ideas and put them into words!


Justice Delayed is available now from Amazon.

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