Film review: All Good Things

Hello my readers and happy Sunday to you all! Today I have another film to review just for you, called All Good Things. I am super excited to review this film that is going to be out on DVD and digital on July 29th. This is really a “feel good” film, funny and heartwarming, ideal for summer, even if its premise is quite opposite! I will not tell you more now, I’d rather talk to you about how and why I liked this film so much. For an evening with friends, a lazy weekend afternoon or a cuddle with your boyfriend, “All Good Things” is that film that makes you all happy inside; it is the quintessential family film, and probably the best one-and-a-half-hour film that you could possibly have! But, let’s get on to that!

Our story starts in Manhattan, NY, where Calista, Bailey and their single mum lives. Both girls are New York city teens in every single aspect. When their mum informs them that she has to travel to Germany for work and they have to spend two weeks of their winter break at their grandparents in Washington State, instead of sunbathing in exotic Hawaii, they are (as you can imagine) devastated! They do not want to spend time in Washington, because their friends will be waiting for them in Hawaii (in Calista’s case) or they will be away from technology (like Bailey). Their first course of action is to try to butter up their dad, but eventually that falls through, as he shares the same idea as their mother, which is to spend time with their grandparents at their place and ranch. Cue the first laughs! Despite having the feeling that their father would deny them, that texting scene – where Calista first and Bailey second asked their dad – made me laugh out loud!


We then move to Washington, and meet their lovely Pop-Pop and Gramma, played by the one and fabulous Morgan Fairchild! I swear to you, my jaw dropped! I have always admired her, but her role as the adorable grandmother, businesswoman and homemaker made me admire her even more. But to go back to the film, being away from their friends and with no phone or internet service, makes them even more miserable, but eventually they turn things around. First for Bailey, who is more open to their “enforced” vacation and later for Calista – especially after befriending Fiona, who is the head therapist at the horse therapy facility their grandparents own. We later learn that there is a problem with the facility and only a Christmas miracle will make it better. The rest is for you to watch!

First of all, Christmas in July! How cool is that! I didn’t believe it when the film started and “Deck the halls” started playing! The thing with the film is that despite having a Christmas background and the whole story takes place during the Christmas holidays, it is not heavily accented by that! It’s there, you know it’s there, but you do not have a bombardment of Christmas details that would make it a holiday film. There is a phrase told by Fiona around the middle of the film that I believe summarises the whole point of the film. “Wherever I am is exactly where I need to be” and this is exactly what the film means to me. I do think the most important message is one about family and bonding with your loved ones, instead of being a holiday film, employing all the classic tropes. Two two teenagers – during the course of the film – have developed a closer relationship with their grandparents, with other people in the ranch, such as Fiona and Brad, and with the horses as well.

I can tell you I loved the scenery in the film, as it had some amazing views. I was familiar with the landscape after watching the Twilight films (yes, I am guilty of that!), however it still looks beautiful to me. The beautiful views certainly play an important part to the film’s advantage, as they tie with the rest of the story and the characters. The natural surroundings are important in the course of the film and (I think) in the transformation of the main characters, Calista and Bailey. From being just vain, big-city girls at the start of the film, they grow into extremely relatable characters, who focus on what really matters, and not on superficial things.


Overall, the cast is superb, with Morgan Fairchild starring there. But it’s not only the Paper Dolls actor there; there is also Sierra McCormick (i.e. Bailey) from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Supernatural among others, June Schreiner (Fiona) from NCIS or Corbin Bernsen (Pop-Pop) from The Punisher, American Gods and Castle to list a few. All of the cast do a superb job in portraying their roles, and I couldn’t imagine others in their place. It was great watching all of them together and I would gladly watch the film again.


From the cast to the beautiful landscapes and from the horses to the inter-personal relationships, this is a film that touches so much in a short period of time. Funny at times, makes you stop and think at other times, All Good Things is fuzzy and loving awesomeness wrapped into a film. I would definitely recommend it, as in my view it is some 90 minutes worth spent!

Till next time,


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