Cosy Valentine’s at Fogg’s Residence

Hello lovely people! I hope you had a wonderful week! It’s so lovely, when it’s sunny, as the song goes, no? It feels strangely optimistic when the sun is shining and it’s warm outside. As a Mediterranean girl at heart, the sun (and the sea, but it’s too soon for that in my opinion) makes me think about lavender fields and ice-cream at the park! Who can blame me I wonder… But no matter the weather, the only thing that matters is to be with people who understand you, people who believe in you, eventually people who love you. And these people can be your close family, friends or even significant others.

For this week’s post I was debating with myself for quite a long time. Should I mention my Valentine’s night? Should I not? For those of you who know me, I have to say I detest Valentine’s day with a vengeance! I find it utterly pointless to be rather frank, and it doesn’t really matter if I am alone or with someone on Valentine’s. However, as a budding blogger I have learned to embrace any opportunity presented to me, so please, please be lenient with me as I will now tell you about my Valentine’s night at a fantastic place in Mayfair! Boy, is that karma?!

So, to make a long story short, my significant other decided to treat both of us to a perfect night out at Mr. Fogg’s residence in Mayfair. Heavily inspired by Jules Vern’s masterpiece, Around the World in Eighty Days, Mr. Fogg’s residence really feels like stepping back in time, in 1800s. The people behind this bar – I believe – have done a fantastic job in preserving an authentic feel of Phileas Fogg’s home, a man with a particular interest in rare artifacts and antiquities from all over the world. It really feels like stepping into Fogg’s living room, what all the oddities collected (and showcased) here! When I think about it, the most fascinating part of the decorations was the hot air balloon that was above our heads! Simply marvellous!

As with other nice places and bars I’ve been in London, the staff were perfectly polite and nice, we instantly felt welcomed. Despite having arrived earlier than our reservation, we went straight in and were ushered to our (utterly) cosy sofa and table. I loved the detail on the table, a single red rose. Yes, I detest the day, but I am a romantic girl at heart, and I love these gestures! Sue me! Along with the rose came the menus, the regular and the “destination” one. As I have said previously, the attention to detail is amazing for the people behind Mr. Fogg’s Residence. The regular menu was presented as a book with chapters and very nice font, while the “destination” one was featured in a circle. You could select the place (Paris, Brindisi, Suez, Singapore) and you could also see the ingredients of the cocktails in an innovative way, by spinning the top part of the menu.

My partner selected a cocktail from the regular one, while I selected the Voyage Aux Alpes (along with the roses, I also love French language to the point that my partner makes fun of me!). While in matters of taste was not something exceptional, I give it a solid 8 regarding the appearance only! It came in a horn, and in my view it wins several points. My second non-alcoholic cocktail (or virgin libation) came from the regular menu and it was tastier than ambrosia! Whenever I go back, and I’ll definitely be back, I will order that one again and it doesn’t even matter that it’s non-alcoholic!

The attention to the detail doesn’t though stop at the main room! It also extends to the way to the loos, where you can see several maps on the walls. The one thing though that I wasn’t expecting and found quite surprising was inside the loo. Whereas in the main room jazz music was playing in the background, it changed completely there! You could hear excerpts of Jules Vern’s book, while in the lavatory, which it may sound awkward for some, to me it is proof of the meticulous planning and design behind this cocktail bar.


Overall, I found Mr. Fogg’s residence a charming place for an early evening drink. It is not swanky and pretentious, rather cosy and relaxing. I would totally recommend it if you want to lose yourself in the fascinating world of Jules Verne. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that reservations run a two-hour window, so you will have to take that into account when booking a table. I can’t wait to discover the other places inspired by Mr. Fogg, so I guess Mr. Fogg’s Tavern and Covent Garden are next?

Till next time,


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