A night to remember

Hi lovelies, did you have a good weekend? I know, I know! Weekends seem to fly by comparing to our weekdays which feel dragging on. I know it’s not always like that, only the majority of the times! 😁 Luckily though, I believe that spring is coming, and with it, plenty of opportunities to go out, experience new things and live life to the fullest! While spring has still (officially that is) some weeks to go, there is no reason in not having new experiences in the craziest city of them all, London! And this is what I want to talk to you about today.

Some weeks ago, a good friend of mine had her birthday celebration at one of the coolest, funkiest spots in London, Dirty Harry’s! And while it may look like something dark and smoky, such as the iconic film with Clint Eastwood, in reality it is ideal for a night out in the city. I think that it is the one thing missing from London that we didn’t know until it came to be! Right at the heart of Soho, Dirty Harry’s is not a “trendy” place or another one cocktail bar (that I believe you can find a dime in a dozen here), rather it is unique, exciting and a good party spot.


Newly opened, you can find Dirty Harry’s right on Wardour Street and the first thing you notice is that its staff are amazingly nice. The second thing you notice is that inside it has some very comfy (looking and feeling) sofas and high tables with two bars. I was lucky enough that when it was my friend’s birthday party, she had reserved a big space with sofas and three tables right across the second bar. The party mood, the little nibbles and our cocktails made for an excellent start of the night, until…

Until the Harry’s Honeys take the floor (or rather the bar top) that is! They perform several times during the night and sure get you into the right mood! And I mean party mood! Dancing to classic rock tunes, from Joan Jett to Queen and from Journey to the Rolling Stones, Harry’s Honeys offer something exciting and new. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me it felt like I was transported into an episode of Supernatural or something. It distinctly felt very American to me (or I guess what I know as American from TV series and films…).

Apart from Harry’s Honeys, you may ask me what else to expect. Well, my dearies I can answer your question with one thing: an in-house band playing all the best rock (and not only) songs from decades past that make you want to stand up and start dancing! And why not actually? If you feel like dancing, then you should be dancing; it’s as simple as that! When I visited Dirty Harry’s, I think everyone ended up standing up and dancing and singing. I mean come on! It was a Saturday and it was a birthday party and everyone around was doing the same!

I found my cocktail a bit underwhelming, which was a let-down in my opinion. When you search on Google, you can find it as a cocktail bar, so in my view, the cocktails need to be the best. However, my cocktail was not really like that. In fact, it’s been years that this has happened to me. Normally, when I go somewhere for the cocktails, they are amazingly tasty. With Dirty Harry’s though, it didn’t really feel like it, but this is not a reason for me not to go there again! It’s the atmosphere that counts, the nice staff and the music that makes all the difference for me and not the cocktail(s). Maybe I made a poor choice, so next time I can choose something else or eventually get a glass of beer or wine.

A “Coyote Ugly” inspired bar, Dirty Harry’s is a good place to start your Friday and Saturday night. Dancing the night away with all the right rock and indie tunes will make for an excellent night out, if you do like this sort of thing. The staff are very friendly, the music is just there and you will have a lot of fun! That’s all you need after all for a party Friday or Saturday, isn’t it? I highly recommend it!

Till next time,


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