Trip to Peloponnese (Part 2 – Food)

Hello my lovelies! I hope that you enjoyed the snow and it didn’t inconvenience you very much. It was such a surprise to wake up in the morning to see everything covered in white; so much so that I thought this year we wouldn’t have any! Anyway it seems that the worst has passed, so I guess it’s back to normal? Or what normal is these days?

I thought I would continue talking in this post about Nafplio, because I simply loved it and I didn’t think that one post would do it justice, especially considering how I waxed poetics about the apartment we stayed in. However, this one will tell you about two places that I think served the best food I’ve tried (and tasted) in a long time! The first one we found by pure chance (and isn’t it amazing that we had so much luck?) and the second one came recommended (and I am deeply grateful to the guys from Klymeni who recommended it to us).

So, I will just move on to say: if you end up in Nafplio one of these days and you are famished breakfast-time, do not hesitate and stop at Teory! It is a bar-bistro right at the centre of the town and serves some of the best coffee, waffles and pancakes I’ve ever tried! The first time we went there, we picked a waffle with lots of chocolate (because… chocolate!) and pancakes with peanut butter, banana and bacon. What really amazed me was the both the waffle and the pancakes were so fluffy you cannot imagine! As a long-time cook (yes, I can hear some of you laughing!), I know how important it is for the pancakes to be fluffy and that means mixing well, but not over-mixing the batter. It’s a delicate balance that not all of the places I know that serve pancakes can do. In fact, I’ve been recently to a breakfast place in Reading that supposedly serves delicious pancakes and I have to tell you that they were so bad! The batter wasn’t properly mixed and tasted of flour. It wasn’t good I tell you.


Second time in the row, we again went to Teory for breakfast, as we didn’t want to experiment and we loved it in the first place, and asked for sweet and savoury pancakes. The result was the same and tasted as yummy as ever! As I said before, do not hesitate to go there for breakfast, the quality (and quantity) of it will leave you satisfied and wanting more! I strongly think that quantity is a huge factor, as Teory is a huge value-for-money place in Nafplio.

Now if it’s dinner-time in Nafplio, there’s only one place to eat and that’s To Omorfo Tavernaki (it means the beautiful little taverna), right at the centre of Nafplio, literally five minutes from the port. The restaurant came highly recommended and I totally understand why! The food was simply out of this world, while the staff was so amazingly welcoming and helpful we felt instantly at home. To Omorfo Tavernaki serves customers for the past 20 years and you can understand why. Its atmosphere, quality and quantity of food and its pure tastiness are the reasons you need to explore it.

The first night we went there we had some amazing meat dishes, tzatziki, some lovely white wine and a salad. The portions were huge, while what I loved the most was the salad! The meat was tender and cooked very well, tzatziki had just the right amount of garlic, while the salad was simply phenomenal! I almost cried when it was time to pay and we hadn’t finished it! The second night we had another salad again, two lovely meat mains and the best warm honey wine I’ve ever tried. Even though we tried different dishes, the quality and quantity of food was the same.

What is simply amazing with To Omorfo Tavernaki is that traditional Greek tastes needn’t be cliché and lack originality. If there’s talent and passion for offering the best food possible and at the highest standards, you can create masterpieces! This is what the team behind this restaurant does with huge success and I only hope that they will continue to do so in the future! I wish them all the best and wish to be back again sometime soon!

So, a big thanks to the teams behind Teory and To Omorfo Tavernaki for all the good memories you helped us make in Nafplio! You are simply the best!

Next week, I will be back with the London scene and a post I’ve been itching to write for a long time!

Till next time,


PS: I’d like to thank To Omorfo Tavernaki for allowing me to use some (8th and 9th image) of their images!


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