Trip to Peloponnese Part 1

Hi darlings! How are you? How is everything in your life going? We are still in the middle of winter and have a month to go. I feel I am tired of it and desperately want spring to come (not just for the last season of Game of Thrones), but because after spring comes summer and I am so ready for a nice pina colada at a beach bar! No, just kidding, what I really want is for the cold and rain to end and be able to enjoy the great British outdoors!

Speaking of outdoors, when we were in Athens, we didn’t only stay in Athens. We also traveled to a small town in the south, in the region of Peloponnese, called Nafplio. Nafplio is a fantastic town with a sea port, which carries a lot of history behind it. For the history buffs, Nafplio was the capital of the First Hellenic Republic and, after that, the seat of the Kingdom of Greece until 1834, when the capital was moved to Athens by King Otto. As such, Nafplio still has this air of traditional architecture combined with modernity and some of the loveliest people I’ve met in my life!

We began our trip to Nafplio from Athens in the morning of the 3rd of January, with the worst weather for travel ever! It was raining the whole time, windy in places, up until we reached its outskirts. However, when we reached the port and parked, the view rewarded us plenty! The sea was not calm at all, but the Bourtzi (the Venetian castle in the middle of the harbour) in front of us and Acronauplia (the oldest part of Nafplio) in the back, made it all the better. Even now, I cannot describe exactly my feelings when I first saw them and walked along the promenade, but I can honestly tell you that I would do it all over again, if that was possible.

After a short walk, we went inside the car again and made the 5 minute trip to our hotel. Oh, don’t get me started on the hotel! In my time, I have stayed in modern hotels, I have stayed in good ones, in bad ones, but Klymeni Traditional Homes is the best ever! I cannot tell you enough about it, as it was one of the best experiences in my life, staying there for two nights. A family business, they have done an above excellent (is there a word describing it?!?) job in these traditional apartments. Everything inside is stone and wood, with perfect attention to detail and some breathtaking views. From the rocking chair, which I so wanted to take it with me back in London, to the dressing table, and from the humongous bed to the hydromassage, this hotel is solid gold!

Because we traveled just after Christmas and New Year, there were still Christmas decorations, for example a beautiful Christmas tree and a Christmas stocking, which I found simply endearing (see what I mean with attention to detail?). The apartment also had a functioning fireplace, which made it all the more cosy and romantic. In fact, we used it in our last night there. We only had to pay 5€ for a box of wood, along with a box of matches and some kindling, which was an insignificant amount to pay. Obviously we didn’t use the whole of it, so if we stayed another day, we could have used the remaining and it would have been enough.

The hydromassage was amazing both times I used it (was I crazy? Of course, I’d use it twice!) and made me a very happy woman. Hot water, along with the right pressure having been applied to my back and legs, made me all happy and relaxed. I think I could live there, without any issue. The food would be a problem, but we had that solved. More details in the next blog post, hihihi ! You cannot imagine how I feel so left out here without it! I really miss filling the water in my bathtub and letting the jets do their thing. The hydromassage was an unbelievable luxury and extravagance that made this trip (along with the food, but I will tell you more about it next week!) unforgettable in my view. It’s really the details that matter, is it not?

I would definitely recommend Klymeni for a winter break, because the place just inspires you for a winter holiday. But it will also be good for your summer holiday, because of its location (20 minutes approximately from the beach). The stone houses will be good for summer, as they provide insulation against the heat from the outside, while the outdoor BBQ and the olive trees make me imagine what summer will be there. I will definitely be back (I don’t know when though), as I honestly loved it so much and loved their attitude and how welcome they made us feel instantly! Many thanks!!

Till next time,


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