Party like there’s no tomorrow!

Hey my lovelies! How you doin’? (I have watched so many Friends episodes on my lunch breaks, it comes naturally now…) The weather is dreadful, it’s getting closer to Christmas, but more on that in a later blog. For now I think I have to tell you about one of the best kept secrets in London. In general, there are a few places in London that have authenticity and character and The Loop is one of these places!


For those of you who don’t know it, (and shame on you for that! I wonder how you are living still without visiting it at least once!), The Loop is my favourite bar-club in London for one simple reason; the second basement is a fantastic disco! Party anthems, all these songs everyone’s been dancing in decades gone by, great atmosphere is what makes The Loop one of the London diamonds.


I discovered The Loop by pure chance, when I wanted to find a place last year to celebrate my birthday. I know I love this kind of music – from Abba to Weather Girls and from Bonnie Tyler to Whitney Houston – and I know that several of my friends do as well, however it was a bit of a gamble. I hadn’t done that before and I was stressed way before the actual birthday night. The team of The Loop though did such an excellent job that we had such a great time and everyone eventually complimented me on my choice. Me? I was happy that everyone enjoyed it and genuinely had a lot of fun!

This year I decided to do my birthday party (just don’t ask me what my age is! A true lady never tells!) at The Loop once again, as it made such a lasting impression on me and my friends. So, I booked a table for only £50 (and this is the cheapest choice. You can have a bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond packages of up to £550), which includes a £50 bar tab. Plus, and because I love my friends sooo much, I also had a cake! The table I booked was from 9.30 until 2.30, but to be honest the party starts to wind down after 2, as The Loop closes on Saturday at 3 in the morning.

Boom VS Carwash is their big event. Carwash takes place on the basement floor and is all about 80s and 90s party songs, while Boom takes place on the middle floor with more contemporary songs. I’ve been to birthdays on both floors, so I’ll just say that Carwash is the better of the two. I don’t really mind Boom, I just feel that it doesn’t have a character; it’s like all the other bars and clubs in London, nothing special. Carwash though, I could talk about it for ages! It is the reason I go back there again and again and it is also the reason that I keep recommending The Loop to everyone I know. Going there you will have the best party guaranteed! Obviously you will have to like this kind of music.

The cocktails are delicious! I’ve tried the Porn Star Martini and Blush and they both are quite good. The other good thing at The Loop is that you don’t have to wait to be served for an insane amount of time, like in any other bars or clubs in London. I’ve waited (and wasted) even 30 minutes waiting for a drink, so to be served in about 5 minutes is exceptional to me!

So, if you celebrate any kind of party (be it birthday, hen party or any other occasion), do not hesitate to book a table at The Loop. Found just 3 minutes from Oxford Street, on Dering Street, it is fabulous and simply amazing! If you want to feel like a “Dancing Queen” or even dance to the Macarena or feel like a rock god(dess) dancing to “Living on a prayer”, Carwash will be your dream come true! Yes, The Loop is a great place to spend even a tame Saturday night and with some great music thrown in the mix, why not book a table? You will have so much fun!

Till next time,


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