Wanna live this night forever….

Hey, everyone! In case you are wondering, I’m doing perfectly well. What about you? As I said previously, last week was hectic, but finished in the best possible way! If you just can’t imagine the reason, I have a big clue for you! Look at the feature image! Oh yes, I’m talking about Enrique Iglesias and his concert at the O2 Arena! At this point I have to stop using (or rather abusing) my exclamation mark, as you got the point; I am overly excited.

I have loved Enrique (I mean his music, people! I’m not some kind of creepy, cyber stalker of his, following him around), since I was a little girl. Probably some 20 years ago. I remember one of his songs called Nunca Te Olvidare (Never Forget You) that as soon as I heard it, I fell in love with it. I didn’t know a single word in Spanish (not that this has changed), but somehow the melody spoke to me. Still, whenever YouTube does me a favour and puts it on my playlist, I switch the volume to high and don’t care about anything!

After Nunca Te Olvidare, I started listening to him more, as he did music in English too. But after all these years, one thing remains the same: his music just brings a smile to my face. I cannot say I’m his hugest fan, but what I can say I am one of his most loyal ones. From Rhythm Divine to Bailamos and from Bailando to Not In Love, Enrique has been a part of the music I listen to. And why not? It’s energy, it’s passion, it’s love, it’s life! I can’t get enough off of him!

But let’s get back to the concert! I’ve never been to the O2 before, so as you can imagine I was very impressed with it. We arrived kind of early (around 1 hour before the concert would start), so we saw all the comings and goings from there. We saw the arena becoming full. I am told that the O2 Arena has a capacity of 20,000 people, and I can say that it was 90-95% full. And all these people sharing a love for Enrique and his music. It was mind-blowing!

His special guest for the night was Beverley Knight. I fell in love with her energy and her hair! (Honestly girl, please let me know your hair regime! It looked so healthy!) Beverley sang for about 40 minutes and managed to excite us all! She sang “I’m Every Woman”, which I personally love and right at the end of it, everyone was singing out loud and clapping! Then, of course it was time for the man of the night!

Enrique came on stage around 9.15 and started his set list with “Move to Miami”, I think his newest song that was released back in May. After “Move to Miami”, it was time for his other hits, like “I’m a freak”, “I like how it feels”, “Duele el Corazon” and finally, FINALLY, it was time for Bailamos! This is such a fab song, and whenever you hear it, you just want to get up and start dancing (or at least, that’s what happens with me!).

Then, he went to the second (smaller) stage, where – reunited with Beverley – sang a slow “Taking back my love”. It was lovely, but I’m not sure which version I prefer; the slower one in the live show or the studio one. I think both have their merits, so you can decide. “Hero” (no, he didn’t bring anyone with him on stage) “Tired of being sorry”, “Tonight I’m Loving You”, “Subeme La Radio” among others were next and I will admit that I was almost an hour standing and dancing. We had fun, while my girlfriends were teasing me about my focusing only on Enrique. Well, I’m sorry that I was there for the concert! 😉

The concert ended at 11 on the dot and then we had to leave the O2 (and the rest of 20,000 people), so as you can imagine there was a traffic jam full of people waiting to go to the tube. Overall, I loved the concert (in case you didn’t know already), even though he didn’t sing “Rhythm Divine” or “Not In Love”! That was a let down, Enrique! I was told after that Enrique suffered from a sore throat, so Enrique get well soon! One other regret was that Pitbull was not with him in this tour, but as one of my girlfriends told me “Sofia, you have to compromise!”. What really amazed me though was that Enrique is such a humble and wonderful human and in the end he recognised that this concert was 4 years in the making, but promised to be back sooner! I’m just going to hold on to that promise!

Till next time,


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