Let’s Rock!

Hello, my lovelies! I have excellent news for you! It’s been a year that my baby (this blog) is alive and kicking, and I feel so incredibly blessed for everything I’ve experienced this past year. It’s been an eye-opening experience to say the least and I’ve learned a lot (and still do to be honest). Experiences in London and elsewhere, my travels, gigs and exhibitions, all these I wouldn’t change at all. And about my hopes and dreams for the future? To be able to give you all the best from events in London and elsewhere and having fun! YOLO, right?!?

This week has been manic, I tell you. From Monday until Friday, I feel like I haven’t stopped a single minute! The best part of it? I went to see two gigs and the second one was UNBELIEVABLE! But more about it next week! I will not say anything more, as I don’t want any spoilers.

So, the first one was on Wednesday and it was a Rock night. Two bands, IE/DC and Reckless Roses were performing at 229 The Venue, near Great Portland Street Station. And if you ask me what IE/DC and the Reckless Roses are, they are tribute bands playing AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. They were simply fantastic! The first band playing on the night was IE/DC, from Ireland, while Reckless Roses (from Hungary) played after.

The boys from Ireland definitely rocked the house. They played all the favourites, like Thunderstruck, Back to Black, Shoot to Thrill. It was perfect! The only thing that was a bit of a let down was that not many people either knew of it and turned up or didn’t want to go. I don’t know which. The fact still is that there were only 20-30 people inside. So, what did the lead singer do? He went off stage and greeted each and every one of us! Not something that Brian would do, no? At least I don’t think so…

The other thing that really surprised me was that they kept bringing beer and jagerbombs and other types of shots on stage and once Eoghan (the lead singer) even told them to stop bringing alcohol on stage, as it was enough for 10 bands! Eventually they got a selfie with all of us, which was brilliant! I cannot say that I’ve ever done that, despite how many gigs I’ve been to!

From their looks only, there is a strong resemblance to AC/DC, with even the lead guitar in shorts and T-shirt and later on the night, shirtless. I definitely liked that! (No, I’m kidding! That was a joke, people!) Still, I liked that they played more that an hour and we had a lot of fun.

The second band, Reckless Roses, was awesome as well. I have to say that they take their role seriously, as they were almost a copy of Guns N’ Roses! From their appearance to everything else, it was like going back in time to the ’80s. They were fantastic as well, and like IE/DC, played all our favourites from Guns N’ Roses. What I loved the most was the lead guitar! He was feeling it for sure! He was just in the zone and giving it his all. I didn’t really notice anyone else, to my shame, because he was just dominating the stage with his top hat, his aviators and his expression. It was amazing!

Overall, it was a great night, plus we enjoyed some great music from some of the greatest rock bands ever! And for £18,70 it was well worth it! The only shame was that many (and I mean MANY) people missed that and it’s a pity. It doesn’t matter really that it was a school night; having a blast always wins! I only hope that I can go to other gigs from tribute bands, as I haven’t tried that before and it was awesome. Next week’s blog is also going to be spectacular, but I can say no more!

Till next time,


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