Happy place at last!

Hello my lovelies! How are you? It’s getting autumn now, no? To be honest, I do not want the cold and rainy days (and nights) of autumn and winter, but c’est la vie! After all, we wouldn’t wait for summer so eagerly, if it wasn’t for the coming seasons. No matter the weather though, London can offer so many different things that you fall inevitably in love with it over and over again.


This week I had the opportunity to taste (and feel and experience) something close to my heart, which is that I finally found my happy place! If you know me, you must know that I just love music (playing and listening to it)! In fact, I used to play keyboards and piano some years ago. I played keyboards for the better part of two decades, and I had to learn to play the piano when I was studying for my diploma, but eventually fell in love with its sound and feel. However since I moved to London, I left my musical background home – to my shame.

Recently, I thought about returning to music because of (what else?) plenty of free time. Right now, there’s no excuse in not practicing my playing the piano, as I have a lot of free time after I leave work. After a lot of thinking (and procrastinating, yes) I searched online for a place I could go to practice, and finally I FOUND IT! It’s an unassuming building right at the heart of London, called The Music Studios.


The Music Studios is a fantastic place on Marylebone Lane, close to Baker Street. It has several practice rooms, all with lovely pianos inside. You can even hire a teacher and you can practice there. But, I don’t know anything about that, so you will have to call them, in order to check this out and arrange everything. Back to my piano practice, though. So, how do you go about it? I’ll let you know now!

You can book a room by calling their number that can be found on their website. After that, you can just appear on the day and pay the fee. The process is very simple, really. When I made my booking I asked for a standard practice studio, but was given a large FOR THE SAME PRICE, which was actually fine by me! The room had a lot of natural light, especially considering the time of the day (around 6 on a Wednesday afternoon). The most dominant feature was of course the piano, which was a lovely Pramberger grand piano. Its sound was just as lovely and the keys had a solid feel to them.

I was feeling quite emotional at the beginning, as it’s been a solid 15 years since I practiced my piano and, to be honest, I had quite forgotten my left hand! But as the time passed, and it was almost 45 minutes since I first stepped foot in the room, I started feeling more and more confident. I didn’t want to play many different pieces, so I just focused on the one movement of Diabelli’s sonatina, but by the end of it, the feeling on my fingers came back! I was never happier than I was at that moment!

I will make an effort of coming back, starting this week, as this is an easy way to spend one’s afternoon/evening after work. I cannot tell you how un-stressed I was after my practice or how I left all my worries and thoughts behind; instead I focused on music only and all the feelings it evokes in me! Of course I told everyone in the office, so the next day everyone was asking how the piano practice went and if I enjoyed myself. The answer is yes, I enjoyed myself and can’t wait to be back! If you play an instrument, I’d suggest booking a practice room at The Music Studios, as at £17 per hour, it is well worth it. If you don’t, I’d say I could invite you over, but I won’t do it now as I am rusty. Maybe you can try in two-three months’ time? Who knows?
Till next time,


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