Favourite Films Part 1

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are doing exceptionally well, as I am! After the greatest stress of all (I mean uploading my company’s AW18 collection on the web and making sure every link, image and text is the correct one), I feel ready to unwind and relax during the last bank holiday before Christmas. And what better way than rewatching all my favourite films? I have watched each of them 1,000 times and I am willing to watch them again! I just love them that much!

For those of you who follow my blog (I cannot believe I’m writing that phrase! I cannot thank you enough for that!), you must know that I have written two similar blog posts about my favourite TV series. For those of you who don’t follow my blog, you can  find the relevant posts here and here. Enjoy! And now it’s time to tell you about my favourite films!

Moulin Rouge

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When I first went to a cinema to watch it, I knew I loved the music! But after watching it again, and being rejected in love at the time, I appreciated it the most! The relationship between Satine and Christian gets to me every time and it’s so nice to see a young Ewan McGregor in your screen (I don’t mean that now he doesn’t look great!). Baz Lurman did an excellent job with that musical, the costumes are nothing sort of amazing, but the thing that still gets my poor heart racing is the incredible finale! I will shed a tear or two when Satine sings “Come What May” and Christian joins in. I don’t know which song I love most, “Come What May”, “Your Song” or “Roxanne”, but all three are my favourites!

The Notebook


Yes, I’m a girl, so what? Find me someone who just doesn’t love this film! Whenever I need a good cry, I will always put it on. Noah and Allie’s relationship is an example of star-crossed lovers and this film has more ups and downs than the Aegean during August! But what is important for me is the last scenes, which show exactly how much Noah loves Allie that he keeps reading their journals to her, even though she has dementia and will not remember anything. This is just amazing! Sigh…

Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl


What can I say about this film? Johnny Depp at his best in a favourite role; that of Captain Jack Sparrow! I still remember when this film came out and everyone wanted to dress up like Captain Jack for Halloween! Good times! Funny, sometimes daring, others coward, but all in all the embodiment of what a pirate would be (At least what I imagine to be!)! And if Johnny Depp’s performance is impeccable, the music is out of this world! The theme has always been in my playlist among my favourite instrumentals from films, and it always gives me chills! So, a big thank you to Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer for their amazing compositions!

Gone with the Wind


This is the ultimate old film I love! It’s epic, drenched in history and with characters that have evolved so much during the course of the film. Scarlett O’Hara is one of my favourite heroines, with such backbone that is not afraid to go for what she is after! I admire her truly! And Rhett Butler, what can I say about the incredible Clark Gable? I will admit that I had the hugest crush on him, since I first watched the film some 12 years ago (oh my, how the time flies!). He is a rascal, an opportunist in some cases, but he always fights for Scarlett’s love. It’s no wonder that this film has set an Oscar record!

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Okay, I know I am cheating, but I cannot really say which one of them is my favourite (first one when Boromir is killed, 2nd with the battle of Helm’s Deep, or 3rd when Aragorn is crowned??) The cast is great, while Peter Jackson was marvellous! A big thank you is not enough for giving the great Tolkien his filming due! I remember when it first came out and with a friend from the Conservatory in Greece we wanted to do a Viggo Mortensen Greek fan club… Or when I was quarreling with another friend about who was the best: Aragorn or Lengolas (hint: always, ALWAYS say Aragorn!) I will finish now by saying I am ever so glad that Amazon studios will be making the Lord of the Rings TV series. If only Sir Christopher Lee were still alive…

So, these are some of my favourite films! I look forward to telling you the rest of them!

Till next time,




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