Vacation Time!

Hello my lovelies! I  believe that everyone’s having a fun time (we are in the middle of summer, after all!). Whether on vacation or not, I hope you enjoy this summer, as this heat only happens once (no pun intended!)! Today, I’m writing to you from my vacation spot in Chalkidiki, where I enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach, while I relax after an intense year. And what a year that was! Starting this blog, venturing outside my comfort zone and getting to know fellow bloggers as well.

For us from Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki is like paradise. There is a common joke about a Thessalonian who died and went to heaven. He saw there rivers and greenery and birds singing and he looked everywhere and said “Well, like Chalkidiki nowhere!”. Close to Thessaloniki, if you need to, and with excellent beaches and natural environment, all its “legs” combine everything you may need for a nice holiday, especially if you don’y want to go to one of the Greek islands. Don’t get me wrong; I have also visited some of our islands in the height of summer, but this year I wanted something more down-to-Earth and relaxed.

The place we booked in Chalkidiki is called Potidaea. It is an important place near Thessaloniki, with history spanning in centuries. It was built around 600 BC as a colony by the Corinthians and, since then, it has always been populated. There is also a well-known canal in Potidaea that was opened during the ancient times, by probably Cassander. Fun fact: As I’m told by Wikipedia, this is where Gabrielle from Zena comes from! Amazing, right?!

In this little town with some perfectly blue beaches, I booked a room in Alexandros Apartments. What I loved was the beautiful view of Toronaios Gulf and the stone floor, which kept us pleasantly cool during the evening. But the room is just a part of my vacation. The lovely people who own the apartments are so nice that I felt them as a part of their extended family! This is the essence of the famous Greek hospitality and I would highly recommend it for you to experience!

But let me tell you about the sea; call me whatever, but this shade of blue in the sea I cannot find anywhere! Pleasantly warm and absolutely clear, the sea there is a dream! If you let me, I will wax poetics about it, be sure! This is why Chalkidiki, in my view, is like paradise; the sea only is the stuff of legends!

And with that I will leave you, as I will be going out for an ice-cream. I will only mention that if you’ve never been to Chalkidiki, I will urge you to try it! It is lovely and fun and with lots of pine trees that smell amazing. This is my heaven!

Till next time,



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