Drinks and walk by the river

How are you, my lovelies? I hope all is well with all of you and you enjoy living life to the fullest! Whether you are in London or elsewhere, in this island or everywhere else, I hope that you enjoy summertime, plenty of sun and your friends and family. I believe that this is why summer is the best season; one gets out as much as possible, meets with friends and family and, in general, unwind and prepare for the cold and harsh winter. No, don’t laugh! Even though I am an autumn child, I much prefer the warmth of summer to the fallen leaves and chill of winter!

Anyway, enough about me! I think that because of this long-lasting good weather, the weekend is not enough to enjoy everything London and the rest of the UK has to offer! Sunshine, a chilled cider or a glass of Pimms, and good company is always an awesome way to spend one’s Saturday afternoon, and mine was full of laughter, music and plenty of alcohol! I think that one of the best spots in London to get all three is PS Tattershall Castle! I have been there a couple of times and I can tell you that this is one of the coolest places in London! What’s special about it?? It’s a boat on the river bank! Stationary of course, but it certainly feels as if you are having a cruise on the Thames! The first time I was on Tattershall Castle I went with a friend for fish and chips and I was amazed! To be fair, we didn’t eat on deck, but below, but this time, I met my friends for drinks on deck! Did I say cruise?

Instead of staying indoors or even at a beer garden at a nameless pub all around London, I would urge you to visit Tattershall Castle, even for a drink! I don’t know, I think my two ciders tasted better on deck, than anywhere else! Or maybe it was the alcohol? Who knows? Offering some great views of the river, you would be well satisfied of an afternoon well-spent. Plus, it is literally 5 minutes walk from the Embankment Station and close to Westminster Bridge, so it is definitely worth a visit! Just bear in mind that if it’s early afternoon and sunny, bring some sunscreen with you! I didn’t and I thought that I was a little sun-burnt.

After our drinks, it was time for a short walk along the other side of Thames. Southbank is a fantastic place to take a walk, as you will find yourself distracted every 5 minutes. Southbank Centre is there, so you can catch a talk, exhibition or some music and this is just the beginning! BFI Southbank is there as well, a perfect place for the cinefiles! Have I told you about the Steven Spielberg season about two summers ago? I got to rewatch Indiana Jones and the experience was amazing! If you have time, check it out; you will probably find something to satisfy you! Apart from the films, there is a little secret that is not widely known and this is the book market outside Southbank Centre. You will find little treasures among the thousand books there. Graphic novels, comics, novellas, history novels, everything is there! For the book lover, this market is a must!

But because time flew, and it was quite hot, even at 7, we decided to find an ice-cream place and Google led us to Covent Garden. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of soft ice-cream stands in Southbank, but the problem is, as a good friend pointed out, that “Soft ice-cream is the shame of proper ice-cream!” and, you know what? She is absolutely right! Soft ice-cream is okay as a last resort, at least in my view! You can correct me if I’m wrong! Anyway, we walked to Covent Garden and stopped at Morelli’s Gelato. However, the best part of the night was the surprise we found in Covent Garden and is named Sammie Jay! Honestly one of the best voices I’ve heard recently! She is simply amazing and I hope all the best for her! I honestly regret that I didn’t buy her CD, but I promise next time!

What I want to tell you now, after all this, is that no matter what you do, enjoy every minute of it! I cannot recommend Tattershall Castle, but don’t take my word for it! Go out and explore London, as it was meant to be explored. On foot! And I promise you, you will definitely find something unexpected!

Until next time,


  1. Your blog is beautiful!I feel like I was there the whole time!Your writing is spectacular!You deserve to have 1000 likes to each post!What’s with the people these days?


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