Daytrip to Hastings

Hello, everybody! I hope you are all well and having a wonderful week now that summer has officially started. It feels so nice that it’s so warm here in London and it hasn’t rained for so long! Unbelievable, right? Yesterday was the best day to go on a daytrip to a small, fishing town in East Sussex, Hastings. And even though I’m now pink from the sun, I do not regret it, even a little bit! It was fantastic!

So, we started very early in the morning and caught the train to Hastings from Charing Cross Station, after getting a cup of coffee to go. When I say early, I mean it! I woke up at 6.40 in the morning, which for a Saturday is a simple miracle! It’s not that I sleep in until 11, but since I don’t normally have anything to do on Saturday morning, I wake up around 8 or 8.30. The trip itself was short considering. In just 1.40 minutes we reached beautiful, sunny Hastings!

First impression of this city? Hills and beach full of rocks, a little bit of wind and this expanse of sea, it is ideal for letting yourself breathe free after a stressful (or not) working week. East Hill and West Hill provide shelter to the old town and some excellent views of the area. But, more of that later. After arriving and walking down the beach for about two hours, we briefly stopped at the Fishermen’s Museum on Rock-a-Nore road. An interesting fact is that it was built around the 1850s as a church, but was converted into a museum in 1950s. Originally as a church of St. Nicholas, it now houses among others the Enterprise, built in 1912.

After the Fishermen’s Museum, we went on to climb to East Hill to watch the beautiful vista and (take some photos as well!) then, after climbing up a lot of stairs (honestly a lot! Be prepared, everyone!) we reached West Hill. Sitting down on the grass and talking in the sun had of course its downsides. Here, read turning into a giant lobster. I can feel today my arms, forehead and nose literally burning! Seeing the old, medieval castle (or rather what is left of it), helped put into perspective that this is a very old town, as the castle was built in 1066 and it is still standing! Well, part of it at least!

With all the walking and exploring we did, we got hungry and it was quite late actually; around 3 if I recall well. We went for lunch (should I call it Greek lunch, because of the hour?!)at the Midsummer Fish Festival. Stalls with food, desserts and sweets and beer, wine and prosecco  on the Stade Open Space are every foodie’s dream. With just £2 on the gate, you gain access there and get to buy whatever you want and listen to some very nice music. I tasted some of the best prawns of my life (sorry, mum!), even though on reflection, I should have accompanied them with a glass of prosecco! Yes, I can freely admit it that I’m addicted! Sue me!

After having eaten, we went on a leisurely walk along the seafront and reached the pier, which was sadly closed. I hope next time I visit, because for sure I’m going to revisit Hastings, it will be open. Even though I have fear of heights, I would very much enjoy looking that endless blue of the sea. Then, we returned to the station to catch the 18.50 train to London. Sadly this trip was over, but I’m already making plans for the next one! Summer here in the UK is definitely temperamental, so every opportunity is not to be missed!

After all, what is there to life than enjoying every single moment? A walk along the seafront, or on a hill, drinking a cup of coffee on a weekend, this is what calm is all about for me. And why not try Hastings? If it’s sunny, you will love it! And that’s a promise!

Hastings offers a lot of choice all year round. An interesting event to look forward to is the Hastings Seafood and Wine festival

Also, do not forget to visit the Fishermen’s Museum and take a walk around the Old Town and its antique shops. Many bargains to be found there!


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