Sunday Soul

One of the best ways to spend time and have fun on a Sunday early evening is at Jazz Cafe, in Camden, every beginning of the month. If you wonder why, there’s a simple explanation; the Atlantic Soul Orchestra! This is one of the best events at Jazz Cafe and a well kept secret (I realise it won’t be for much longer though!).

The first time I went to see them perform, back in October I think, I decided afterwards to move this blog forward. I thought it would be nice to share my experience with all of you. Held only the first Sunday of the month, the Atlantic Soul Orchestra performance has an exclusive air to it, which is right and fair, as their music transcends eras and musicians. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and others’ songs form a medley of music that you are left with two solutions; to dance and have fun! And having fun you will! The singers are the best, while there’s always plenty of room for you to move and dance. It’s not really crowded, but if you want all the action, without squeezing with the rest of us, the mezzanine level is what you are after. Overlooking the dance floor, but with the perfect view of the orchestra, the restaurant on the first floor is my envy!

I have to say that the Atlantic Soul Orchestra is not just one more tribute band. The musicians there are among the best and the energy they have is unparalleled. No matter if you’ve had one drink or none at all, no matter if you are in the mood or not, by the end of the second set you would definitely want to dance. It is that easy! They have also toured and recorded with Amy Winehouse, Elton John, Alicia Keys and many others, so if these found them attractive to work with, you will surely find them enjoyable. They are not Jazz Cafe residents though, so if you miss them, like I did in February, there’s plenty of chance to enjoy them elsewhere; at Blues Kitchen Shoreditch, at Pizza Express Live in Soho, they can even play at your wedding or at any corporate event!

While Jazz Cafe has let me down in the past, it is performances like this that make me a fan! Even if you go there with your girlfriends/mates, as a couple or as a group, like we did last Sunday, you will have fun! So close at Camden Town Station and many restaurants in the area, a night at Jazz Cafe with the Atlantic Soul Orchestra will be unforgettable! And with only a fiver per ticket if you book in advance, it is certainly a treat you will want to repeat, month after month!

Next performances of the Atlantic Soul Orchestra at Jazz Cafe are on 01/04 and 06/05.

Jazz Cafe listings for the rest of the month and ahead here

Atlantic Soul Orchestra info

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