A walk down Camden Town

One of the best places for a walk in London (and actually an area that combines everything) is Camden Town. No matter what you are after, you can definitely find it there. High street shops and small independent ones, world and British cuisine and music venues, they are all part of the history and ambience of Camden Town. You are welcome to join me in a virual walk around Camden high street.

As soon as you step out from the tube station, you get overwhelmed from all the sounds and people. Punks and goths and other subcultures flourished during the 80s, and it was for quite a long time that Camden was considered “alternative”, however time has passed and today is well-known for its markets and tourists. Luckily this difference from other parts of London still stubbornly remains, so you can easily see with your own eyes what I’m talking about. Right alongside with H&M and All Saints stores, there are these markets selling everything you can imagine! Clothing, vinyls, scarves and bobbles, jewellery and accessories, you can find whatever you want there.


The most prominent markets in the area are Camden Lock, Stables Market and the smaller Inverness Street Market. You can find people visiting at all times of the day; lots of noise and smells. Within Camden Lock, you will see Dingwalls, a historic venue that hosted even The Smiths in the 80s!


The Stables market, as you can imagine from the name, is a converted stables and horse hospital. It’s one of my favourites in the area, as it still has that feel and if you concentrate enough maybe you’ll hear horses neighing! Ideal for vintage clothing, household items and ethnic-inspired goods, the Stables Market has so many stalls, you would need days to look at each and every one of them!


After hours and hours of shopping, it’s time to eat! There’s such a huge variety that no-one (and I mean no-one) will be left hungry! Are you in mood for a chippy? Well, Poppies is the place to be! I think they serve by far the best fish and chips in London, but if you disagree please let me know in the comments! Great portions and atmosphere and live jazz and soul and rock’n’roll almost every weekend will definitely make your time there!

If instead it’s the last week before payday you can go to the numerous food stalls in Camden Lock. Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Greek, even Hungarian, they all have some amazing choices and you can eat like there’s no tomorrow for just a tenner! When the weather’s nice (i.e. maybe twice every year), you can enjoy your food in the sun or at nearby Regent’s Canal, which is an experience by itself!


If you want to go for after work drinks, there are pubs along Camden High Street you can go to. A nice bar that I like (and yes the happy hour cocktails are a huge reason) is the Fifty Five. Hugely popular and with helpful staff, this is one of my favourite bars in the area. For those of you who want a touch of glamour, don’t forget to visit Gilgamesh! Serving Asian fusion cuisine and some of the best cocktails in London, there’s no reason not to go there!


Now this is what I’m talking about! Versatile and boisterous, Camden nightlife is literally for everyone! Fan of soul, jazz and rock’n’roll? The Blues Kitchen and the Jazz Cafe are among the best live venues in London and that’s a fact! I know I moaned to you about the Jazz Cafe the last time I went there, but it still is a great place to be! Another good one is Joe’s. I discovered it through a friend and I can tell you I’m a fan! If you want to dance like crazy to the sounds of 70s or 80s, well let me tell you something! You’ll have the time of your life there!

No description of Camden would be complete without me mentioning three historic clubs in the area. These are the Underworld and the World’s End, the Electric Ballroom and the Roundhouse. From heavy rock to pop and from metal to emerging talents, these clubs offer the best of the best. Iconic landmarks of the area, all three have their loyal fans among the alternative scene of Camden and their regulars. A clash of cultures or a cultural melting pot, Camden is one of the most-visited places in London and not unjustly so!

Don’t forget to visit the following:

Fifty Five 

The World’s End 


Electric Ballroom

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