Music, music everywhere!

One of the most significant images of London is that you can always find people who sing. Our buskers or street performers are, among others, what make this city extra special for me. It is just amazing how after work, or when you go shopping, or whenever actually, you can meet buskers doing their best to entertain the public!

This slice of heaven can even left you stunned! For example, in the instance below. It was after midnight, I was returning home (remind you of something? Oh yes, this one,) and then this incredible musician was playing music at Tottenham Court Road station! And then there were these Spanish tourists that just made his night! You see, it may sound as a cliche, but music connects people. No matter the language barrier or nationality or religion, music makes people come together. So, I’ll just let you enjoy the song, which touches everyone’s hearts.

In another instance, there was the case of the piano at the station and people giving it a go. What I mean is that TfL and Yamaha Music have partnered and placed 3 pianos at London Tube stations for 2 years. The project is called #Platform88 and fellow travellers are encouraged to sit down and play. I think this is a fantastic idea, because anyone can just escape reality for five minutes and be somewhere else. The next video was captured at Tottenham Court Road station when the piano was occupied. Of course after I left I started wondering if now is a good time to brush up my piano lessons or maybe start again? Playing the piano is way more difficult that playing the keyboards and requires a lot of finger strength. However, as they say practice makes better, right?

In all my journeys in London I have encountered so many street performers that now I regret not having documented them. I have seen musicians with bagpipes, playing the harp, the violin, and so on. I am truly fascinated by the buskers and their cultural importance here, as I believe that they are all part of the London culture. You can see that by the auditions TfL was holding back in August for perspective buskers!  I love the variety of styles, instruments and music. I just wish that everyone would stop and listen! Maybe then we would have less grumpiness, right? Or, at least I hope so!

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