Mid week blues

First week after the holidays, so my Christmas mood is well and truly long gone! So, what to do on a dreary week, when you go back to normal? Find something exciting and interesting to do!


For me, it was the literal middle of the week, this Wednesday. It was boringly long at the office, while my favourite gym class was cancelled. So, what? Go home and make my dinner and then watch something on the telly? Oh no! That’s not me! So, along with a very good friend, we decided to hit a karaoke event with English and Greek in North London at Mum’s Bistro. And let me tell you, it was the absolute best! We had nice food to go with and some great songs  that we even danced at.

Karaoke has always been on my annual bucket list, as you have fun time (or just make fun of other slightly tipsy people trying to sing!). For the first karaoke event of the year, I think it went exceptionally well. Some of the singers there were extremely talented and I felt bad (in the beginning at least), so I didn’t want to get involved. Let’s make it clear that I was unsure about my voice, after so many years without joining a choir.


After some convincing from both my friend and the host of the event though, I took part in it and I selected a song. OMG, it was awesome! In the first verse I was super self conscious, but in the end it was simply fantastic! I am lucky though that there are no videos documenting that, even if I’m sure this coming Wednesday I will not be that lucky! And of course I am planning to attend the karaoke event this Wednesday!

In the end, I think we left around 11.30, and the party was still going on. I believe that we would like to stay even further, however you know, work! Still, it was a great idea for our minds to get away from our work lives for just a teeny tiny amount of time and have fun on a school night. Refresh ourselves, have a lot of fun, laugh and then go back to work (or misery, your pick) for two more days! And you know what, the rest of the working week passes so soon and then you have the weekend to unwind, meet friends, go to exhibitions and socialise!

London is huge and you are left feeling quite lonely most of the times, so the best way to counter that is to do something that you like in the week with people you actually enjoy being with. Be it a gym class, or go for ping pong or attend a karaoke event or a film quiz at a cinema, you can always find something of interest. Gather your friends and have fun!

What is it that you enjoy doing in the middle of the week (or any day of the week that is)? What do you recommend?

I would like to thank my friend Evelina for providing me with the karaoke image, as I had a mishap with my phone and my videos and photos were not saved properly. Evelina thank you SO MUCH!

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