Christmas with Sinatra (or not)?

It’s Christmas eve today, and even though The Christmas spirit is abundant, I just want to vent! It would’ve been a great gig, however I was so displeased at the time, I tried avoiding writing about it for two weeks! What a terrible disappointment!

So, to make a long story short, I had booked my tickets to go to a nice place otherwise in Camden. The gig was supposed to be about Frank Sinatra. Now, I adore the guy and I blame my dad for that! I think he was one of the best singers that have walked this earth and I am seriously envious of people who watched him perform.

Apart from his music, what I love the most are his Christmas songs! I feel like melting when I listen to “Let it snow” or “White Christmas” or any other. So, the night was supposed to be a huge success! Alas, it wasn’t! First of all, the band started playing over an hour after the doors opened! Normally I don’t mind waiting, especially if you have a nice company, but waiting 90 minutes was appalling! My friends were equally disappointed as well. We were all looking forward to this, had our pints at hand, but eventually had to wait and wait! We spoke of every topic under the sun, but still had to wait! One friend I was texting told me “It’s not actual Sinatra is it? Because that would explain his lateness…”

But when it finally started, and it was about 8.30 at the time, it was my every wish coming true! The band (or rather orchestra) was extremely talented and its conductor slash vocalist was marvellous! Even though it wasn’t really Sinatra’s Christmas songs, but a tribute to Sinatra, we were spellbound! Yes, this is the stuff! His music is so pure and magical and lets your mind free to visualise his songs. The orchestra played them beautifully and we were swaying on our feet the whole time! I just hope that this was only a fluke, as waiting for the orchestra to appear was a huge let down, no matter the music in the end! Especially if you think that in less than a month there’ll be another event at the same place named “On Broadway” featuring the same orchestra, which I’m planning to go to!

Have you ever been in a similar situation and what did you do?

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