Of Christmas films and sweets from YiayiasBox

Getting this close to Christmas, you may get dissatisfied over the choices available for going out. Despite all the lights and music and whatnot, the fact that there are so many people walking around you makes you curl up on a sofa and watch films one after the other! Well, that’s what I did during the previous weekend! It is true that London is a beautiful city (especially during this festive period), however the fact that you cannot walk freely dampens my mood instantly! So what I did you ask me? The answer is simple; called my besties (sorry, no boys allowed) and organised a film marathon of all the overly sweet Christmassy films! Bridget Jones Diary, Love Actually and even Home Alone. It was great! Sitting on our sofa, catching up on our news and plans for the holidays, and relaxing with some of the best British specimens available (yes, I’m looking at you Hugh Grant!).


Because I didn’t want to serve popcorn or even pizzas, and because we were all Greek, I decided on offering them a great surprise; shortbread cookies and sweets from Greece! There is this great service called yiayiasbox. It is literally grandma’s box! Everything you love in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine available in your home! The guys have started just now offering traditional Greek kourampiedes and melomakarona, but they tell me that from next year they will be offering pure products from the Greece, like honey, herbs and marmalade. This is going to be awesome, I’m telling you! To be honest this is a subscription box that I can’t wait to get my hands on! Guys seriously!

So, I called my two besties and I had a kilo of each of these traditional Greek sweets. Honestly by the time they left, only the crumbs were left! Melomakarona were so moist and delicious with just the right amound of honey and walnuts, while kourampiedes were not overly sweet, like everything else on the market now! I am a fan of the latter and I know what I like and these were easily among the best I’ve tried. Almost as good as my mums! Sorry mum! The problem was that my friends thought the same as well, because they were so mean, they left me with nothing! And when they asked me, I just told them that I recently bought two of these boxes from yiayiasbox and that I was going to be their loyal customer from now on!

I believe that the girls loved my idea of spending our girly night indoors and eating sweets at the same time. Even though you cannot taste Colin Firth, Hugh Grant and the late Alan Rickman, you can definitely eat some of these sweet temptations! And while we didn’t discuss how our ideal men compare with these three (or two, because Alan Rickman wasn’t faithful in Love Actually), and instead we talked about yiayiasbox, it was still a night well-spent in my opinion! No matter that we didn’t go out, in the end we had a lot of fun! It didn’t even matter to me that I had to be on the treadmill for the better part of an hour the next day!


Yiayiasbox is a magnificent idea, because it brings you the best of Greece in a box. You can either choose a one-time or use it as a subscription box, the result is the same; you are going to have high quality products at your door! For Greek cuisine lovers and Greeks living in the UK and missing our traditional foods, this is a way to satisfy your appetite (quite literally at that!). The website is this http://www.yiayiasbox.co.uk/, so if you want to taste something deeply authentic, all the Christmas boxes are available to buy now! They even do gift service with a nice card! What more can you ask for? 

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