Festival Time! (Part 1)

Getting this close to Christmas, the city is offering the best it has, and exciting times are just ahead of us! In Southbank, Winter Wonderland, Somerset House and Tate Modern are just some of the most well-known festivals you can enjoy during this pre-Christmas season. To be honest, sometimes it becomes even more exciting than the actual holiday! But I digress, as I would like to talk to you about two festivals happening at the same time at Kensington Olympia over this weekend. The first one is the Eat and Drink festival and the second is the Ideal Home Show Christmas.

As you may have probably gathered, Kensington Olympia is one of my favourite places regarding festivals and shows. With this one, I think I’ve been there 4 times this year only! And well, the Eat and Drink Festival is not to be missed! Going there was the easy part, as I had two free tickets, because of a promotion I had signed up for (Thank you See Tickets for that btw)! But as you got on the first floor that the festival took place at you just get overwhelmed by the people, the food of course and the smells. Goodness the smells only made me incapable of thinking in the first minutes there! An essence of what British cuisine is about along with the celebration of all that is Christmas is what made this festival truly remarkable in my opinion. It may sound as a sacrilege, but I found it better than Winter Wonderland food-wise and without all the tempting rides!



Many stalls with products and fresh produce from around the UK, sausages and wine and cheese and preserves and the chewiest brownies in the history of brownies, this one was one of the most interesting food festivals I’ve been to! I think we tried almost everything! Even though it wasn’t terribly large and with one ticket you could gain entry to both festivals, the Eat and Drink one ticked all the right boxes for me, and with two stages (well 3, if you count the Busker’s station) it was a great cultural experience. I loved my time there!

If you ask, what we did during our time there, I’ll tell you exactly what we did! After we got to try said Nutella brownies, we walked around to discover the feel of the festival. Then, we got to try at the Drinks Station the most delicious dessert wine made from Tempranillo grapes combined with indulgent chocolate and vanilla hints. It was easily the best I’ve tasted. After that we had it in a festive cocktail with vodka and cinnamon, which I would like to try at home, yes!


Later, at the foodie corner we had an intro about Christmas delights with Candice Brown, which would be great if I wasn’t terrible at baking! Anyway that was literal food for thought for another day. After these talks, we had a glass of mulled wine (because Christmas), we shopped around, so I went for some sausages and preserves for presents, and a pack of cheese, because of course I wanted to take some brie with me! The only thing I regret was that I didn’t buy some truckles (especially the green one) from Snowdonia Cheese Company, but there’s always online!


Some of you may have seen me there, otherwise you (and I) can always come back for the spring edition in March again in Olympia, which will be even bigger. The selection is always eclectic and there will be probably a lot of prosecco! It will unforgettable!

Next part will be next week, when I’ll tell you all about the Ideal Home Show Christmas edition! Stay tuned!


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