Friday in London

You may wonder what I do on Fridays after work, if I always talk to you about my weekends. To be honest, Fridays for me are the best days and just perfect to unwind and take a breather from work. Normally I go home, cook my dinner and get caught up on my TV series. It hasn’t been many times that I went out on Friday just for the sake of it. This Friday though I had the opportunity to attend a music gig of an indie pop band called Leon of Athens.


I first came to know them when I was an intern at the Press and Communications Office of the Greek Embassy here in London and I had to interview the singer-songwriter of the band. Overall it was a nice interview and what I found interesting was their sound. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever heard before and the lyrics actually make sense! Their music is unique and tells a story. In essence the music lets your mind free and I very much enjoy listening to it.

So, the gig! Theodore was the opening act and I can say that his music is different too! He is a vocalist, composer and performer and his music is an eclectic mix of classic and electronic. It reminded me a lot of classic rock bands, but with an electronic twist. Can’t really say that it is my cup of tea, however my brother was amazed! The whole ride home he was constantly exclaiming what a great music it was and how much he liked it!

Then came Leon of Athens and started with Pilot from their album Global. After that they played songs from all their albums and finished with Xenos. You have to take a note of that one in particular. It is a lyrical interpretation of genocides of indigenous peoples across the world. What made it all very poignant was its lyrics like “You’ve got the gun on your head, we’ve got the sun on our heads”. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to put it here, so everyone can see! This is what music should be like I think! It can carry a statement and make you think for a while, and not just be empty noise.

Overall, it was an enjoyable night and I was glad that I went. Leon of Athens is a band that has a lot of potential and their music is special. Ι very much hope they will do another gig here after the release of their newest album. If interested, note that the video of one of their songs called Baby Asteroid was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (oh yes! The very same!) So, go on and check it out on YouTube, their channel is this.



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