How a magazine becomes alive

Stylist Live takes place this year this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Kensington Olympia. If you ask me what Stylist Live really is, I will tell you that is a three-day festival celebrating us women with fashion, beauty, advice and inspirational talks and, well, style! This year opening on the same day as Equal Pay Day becomes even more poignant; it is not only frou-frou subjects that concern us, but real life issues too!

Of course, and being a fashion magazine and festival, the focus was on fashion. This winter’s trends, affordable high street shopping, styling tips all were present there! I had the opportunity to sit in the first row of the first catwalk at 11.00 am. Well, probably my first and only opportunity to sit in the front row! And despite not being obsessed with fashion – even though I am working in a fashion house – I got that feeling of why fellow bloggers and journalists alike fight for and envy these seats!

I would be totally tweeting and instagramming during my time there, but I thought that I had to experience it in the first hand! From a glass of complimentary pink gin and tonic to getting my nails or lips done in the boldest red possible, this festival is one you will want to attend year after year! And don’t get me started on the talks during it! Politics and journaling and food and of course fashion were all very inspiring!

The pop- ups were also excellent! Jewellery and fashion brands, accessories and beauty brands were amazing opportunities for Christmas shopping, while having some awesome offers because of the festival. I also found Little Ondine, a nail polish brand that is simply fabulous! The nail polish can be easily peeled off, and because it is toxin free, it is practically odour free! An amazing product I have to say!

Overall a great event with plenty of opportunities to people watch, get inspired and shop! Colour was abundant and the feeling you are going to have a fun time there was always present! Even if you are not that into fashion as me (I pick and choose what suits me and like from the current fashion trends), you are certainly going to find something fascinating there! Stylist Live is going to be back next year, so if you want to visit, there’s always a chance next autumn! I for sure will be back then!

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